48 thoughts on “A List of Pointless Websites

  1. Ahh, I’ve actually seen some of those sites except they have different names now. I faintly recall Omlege? Its a website where you pose a question to some people and they chat about it via typing or webcam.

    I think.
    My memory is slightly faulty. Think I’ll reblog this at a later time.


  2. Oh.my.goodness……I did not need to get a hold of this list! Like I needed more ways to waste time on the internet! The “make everything OK” button was pretty amazing though; it made my day a little better!
    Thanks for dropping by my page and for the follow!!
    Have an amazing weekend!


  3. lol! I was checking you out after your follow and had a brief (paranoid and narcissistic) moment that I might be on this list and I was very pleasantly surprised that you had REALLY FUNNY useless websites 🙂


  4. That’s a lot of research! It’s amazing what useless rubbish is wasting space on the internet. Good post and I will admit it made me smile at some of those site names.

    I look forward to your next missive and hope that sites I visit never make it to your pages! 🙂



  5. I would never have imagined such blogs existed. Some of the names make me laugh. Many really look pointless; but some could as well surprise us. I learned not to judge the content from the container. I’ll get to those blogs and actually take a good look at them. It’s quite an exciting list actually. Thanks for following my blog.


  6. I think the most invaluable website in this post is, surely • Ismycomputeron.com. In fact I am off right now to check it out and find out whether my computer is turned on. Perhaps I am imagining posting a comment and my screen is completely black!


  7. Heya thank you for checking out my blog, I appreciate the follow! Awesome websites, visited two and I suddenly realised how much time I had wasted! 😉


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