I created Bullsh!t Wiki

Bullsh!t Wiki is probably one of the most amazing and crazy idea I have ever had in my whole life. It comes from a simple idea: creating a source of entertaining informations, in the format of an encyclopedia. I know that this seems to be similar to the Uncyclopedia, but this one is only about misinformations, I wanted to create something even bigger and even better. A place where everyone can write about the funny things they experienced and share it to the community.

I published it 2 months ago and I have already had 67 683 pageviews! Even if this may seems to be a drop in the internet ocean, some people enjoyed my posts and that’s exactly what I wanted. I feel proud because I entertained a few of the internet users. strange isn’t it?

Designing Bullsh!t Wiki

Bullsh!t Wiki – Main Page

I wanted to make both an easy to use and readable wiki. So I decided to use a model that everyone know: Wikipedia. I used the source code through the CMS mediawiki, I personnalized the skin a little bit and bang! The website appeared by itself. As the first website I ever created with no experience at all, I feel very proud about it.

The Bullsh!t of the internet

Just in case you wondered what are the resultats of the amazing idea, I recommend you to visit some of the pages created by the community:

A List of Pointless Websites List
The Brain Nebula Entertainment
A List of Subreddits to Learn Cool Stuff List
A List of Underrated Websites List
A List of Conspiracy Documentaries List
Reasons to Lose Faith in Humanity Entertainment
LOLCODE Technology
A List of Freaky Face Swaps

How it feels to be read

I had a strange feeling when I wrote my first article. As a non-native speaker, I was not sure about my writing skills. However, when I published my first article, I was proud of the final result. Futrhermore, the critics were not too strong.

If you want to take part in this amazing journey, just follow this link: how to contribute.


Just after launching Bullsh!t Wiki, I started publishing links to get some visitors. The idea was: the more visitors I get, the more people will share Bullsh!t Wiki and the more visitors I will get.

Here are my main traffic sources in the first 4 weeks:

reddit.com: 13 368
(direct): 5 296
rationalwiki.org: 1 020
extragoodshit.phlap.net: 750
news.ycombinator.com: 348
pinterest.com: 347
etf2l.org: 225
disqus.com: 180
google: 145
bt-wiki.net: 143
french.bt-wiki.net: 103
plus.url.google.com: 96
feedly.com: 94
bt-images.net: 87
facebook.com: 69
fr.reddit.com: 63
weibo.com: 57
m.facebook.com: 56
journaldugeek.com: 52
jeuxvideo.com: 50

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